Geothermal Drilling

This involves drilling wells into the ground to extract the natural heat stored in the grounds. By using Geothermal heat pumps, this system can be used for heating or cooling. Water or other liquids are put through continuous loops that are buried vertically or horizontally next to the building. For cooling during hot weather, the heat is picked up by the fluid and transferred into the earth. Geothermal heat pumps use little electricity and are environmentally friendly. Geothermal saves up to 70% energy as opposed to natural gas, electric, propane or oil.

Heat pumps are more efficient and low in maintenance, having fewer mechanical components. The geothermal unit itself has a 30 year lifespan compared to the 15-year life span of a furnace. The use of geothermal heating also eliminates 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the homes.

At Seery Water Services we can customise your wells to suit your geothermal heating pump. We have extensive experience of drilling closed loop geothermal heating systems. We drill and install loops, complete with back filling of wells with a suitable grout. Alternatively ground water from the drilled well can be extracted to provide heat for the heat pump.

How Geothermal Heating Works
Ground temperatures a meter below the soils surface remain relatively warm and constant all year. A geothermal system passes a water-based solution through a tube buried deep in the earth to extract the warmth from the soil. This heat energy is then transferred to a geothermal unit which concentrates the extracted heat. It can then be used to heat your home via underfloor heating systems or radiators.

Seery Water Services highly trained and experienced staff use the best Geothermal drilling equipment available in Ireland. For this reason we can drill geothermal boreholes almost anywhere, from the most confined urban space, to a rural green field site. Our vertical geothermal boreholes are a very efficient way of heating as for every unit of heat paid for, a further five units are contributed free of charge from your geothermal heating system.

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At Seery Water Services we can customise your wells to suit your geothermal heating pump. We have extensive experience of drilling closed loop geothermal heating systems

Seery Water Services have over forty years experience as one of Ireland’s leading water well drilling companies.

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